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Jewish Womens Club of Ocala and The Villages

The Jewish Women's Club brings together Jewish women of all ages and backgrounds to learn, laugh, experience and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.


Designed for the contemporary Jewish woman, the Ocala & The Villages Jewish Women's Club is an ever-growing group of women who come together to socialize, learn, and discover the power of Jewish femininity in today's world. Open to the entire community, the JWC offers innovative workshops, discussions, and creative activities, exploring current issues and relevant topics that lie at the hearts of us all. It is always a special ladies night out, rejuvenating body and soul!

Mega Challah Bake 2018


Join together for an evening of community and inspiration as women come together to make delicious Babka.

Babka is a tasty dense case, although it looks a little like a bread. It's a sweet yeast dough filled with fudgy chocolate or cinnamon in layers and baked. It also sometimes has a streusel on top. You may recognize it as that beautiful piece of cake/bread with hundreds of swirls of chocolate or cinnamon.
It is a favorite on Jewish tables for Shabbat and holidays

Bring your mother, sister, girlfriend and Social Club mate! Whether it's your first attempt to make babka or you are a babka maven this event is for you. We will be rolling, smearing and shaping babka perfect for all skill levels.

This is an experience you will not want to forget! Come for the camaraderie, for the tradition, for the fun, for the songs, or just come for the babka!

By bringing a large group of women together to bake babka we will bring together the women in our community for this special moment.

*Bake babka from scratch

* Enjoy desserts & drinks

* Dancing

* Good time with friends

Thursday, January 31, 2019 6:30pm

At the Chabad House 13030 County Rd 103, Oxford, FL 34484

Cost $15 Sponsor $36 Co Sponsor $54  Event Sponsor $180

Members of partnering organizations receive a $2 discount:
Partnering Organizations:
The Jewish Women's Club of Ocala and The Villages, Tri County Hadassah, The amazing Jewish Women, The Kibitzers, Temple Shalom Sisterhood.

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