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Torah Dedication and Celebration

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    Dear Friend,

    Hope, Security and Unity!These are the three main things we seek as we find ourselves in these unprecedented and uncertain times due to COVID-19. As Jewish people we have always found comfort in our Torah. Every Jew is connected to the Torah and the Torah connects us with G-d, creating an unbreakable and eternal trio.

    The final Mitzvah (command) in the Torah is that every Jew own a Torah scroll or at least part of one. It is for this reason that The Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory, requested that Torah scrolls be written to unite all Jewish people and that each and every Jew acquire a letter in these Torah scrolls.

    The verse in the prophet Daniel reads "It will be a time of trouble, the like of which has never been since the nation came into being. At that time, your people will be rescued, all who are found inscribed in The Book." (Daniel 12:1)The Rebbe explained that "The Book" alludes to a Torah Scroll that will be written for all Jewish people and in which every Jew should have a letter.

    In the times of the holy Baal Shem Tov a terrible disease swept through his town of Mezibush. Men, women and children were falling ill to the epidemic. Out of desperation, the community leaders turned to the Baal Shem Tov and asked him to pray that the plague be banished from their midst.

    The Baal Shem Tov responded that the annulment of the decree was in their hands. Only by uniting together in the creation of a new Torah scroll, he explained, would the town be spared. Those who still had their health sprang into action and began raising the funds to commission a new Torah. The Baal Shemtov instructed his personal Sofer (ritual scribe) to begin writing this Torah. Miraculously, as the Torah was written, the community began to heal. This scroll became known as the "Miracle Sefer Torah.”

    As divine providence has dictated, this has proven to be especially poignant in our community in Ocala and The Villages. We had planned a grand Torah celebration and completion in our community on March 30 th . However just at that time the coronavirus pandemic began to plague our country and the Torah Celebration had to be postponed.This was especially disappointing to me as the Torah was dedicated by my family in memory of my grandparents, Jim and Harriet Bern.

    This however presented a special opportunity for those who have not yet participated in this communal Torah to do so. There is now an opportunity for you to purchase a letter in our community unity Torah. By purchasing a letter and you are doing a special Mitzvah while providing Hope, Security and Unity to yourself and your loved ones.

    Purchasing a letter in our unity Torah is as easy as 1,2,3!


    2)    Choose how many letters you would like to purchase – first letter is $18 each after that is just $5. Its suggested that you purchase one for each family member.

    3)    Rest assured that you and your family will be blessed with health, security and continued success during these uncertain times!

    You will be invited to come and join the celebration as we complete the Torah in our community when it will be safe and secure to do so.


    Rabbi Yossi Hecht

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  • On-new date to be announced- Chabad of Ocala and The Villages will be completing our very own Torah. A special sofer (scribe) will come to finish the Torah in the tradition dating back to Moses. We will then dance and celebrate as the New Torah is welcomed into our shul and community. The Torah is dedicated by Chaim and Miraim Hecht in loving memory of James and Harriet Bern, Yonah hakohen ben and Yehudis Devorah Bat Meir ob"m.

    COVID-19 UPDATE: Buying a letter  in the Torah is a good omen to remove any sickness or life challenges. Please buy a letter in this special unity Torah and be included when we conclude it in our community! This will bring about true blessing for all!

    The Torah is our most precious item, sustaining the Jewish people throughout history. It tells us that every Jew, regardless of background or knowledge, has an equal share in the Torah.

    The 613th and final mitzvah in the Torah is that every Jew writes his own Sefer Torah. Our Rabbis have taught that one can fulfill this mitzvah by dedicating a portion or even one letter in a Torah. You can choose below what you would like to dedicate for the Torah. Each Donation of $180 or more will receive a special plaque with a piece of the Torah mantel on it.

    Have the Sofer write a portion or a letter in the Torah just for you! Both children and adults will be given an opportunity to participate in this mitzvah.

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