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Yom Kippur Reservations

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    Join us for High Holiday - Yom Kippur services. The prayers are warm, the people are friendly and everyone feels at home.  

    Whether your background in Jewish prayer and practice is extensive or limited, the services will leave you feeling enriched, connected, uplifted and energized to start your New Year in the most meaningful way.

    Many of the prayers are recited by the congregation in unison, in both Hebrew and English, so that everyone can participate. Hebrew/English prayer books are used throughout the service. The rabbi provides an English running commentary of explanatory and meaningful insights. 

    (One mile north of Walmart on CR466 and on mile east of SR301)

  • 2. Yom Kippur Seat Reservations

  • Services at Chabad are open to all. No membership or payment is required. You will never be judged by your background, affiliation or society-created label. Whether you consider yourself Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Unaffiliated, Atheist, Sephardic, Ashkenazic or anything in between; at Chabad we just consider you Jewish!
    Seats are FREE OF CHARGE we only ask you to RSVP.
    Donations are requested and appreciated.
    If you would like to reserve a specific seat in the shul; we would gladly reserve for you a seat of your preferencewith a donation of $180 or more.

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  • 3. Yom Kippur - Kol Nidrei and Neilah Appeal

  • Participation in all High Holiday programs is free. Consider a donation to help cover the costs of these and other wonderful and vital programs that Chabad Jewish Center brings to our community. Kol Nidrei and Neilah - the opening and closing prayers on Yom Kippur, are special moments when all gates of heaven are open to accept our prayers. Dedicating charity during these moments creates a vessel of blessings for health, family, and prosperity. Please consider dedication during this time. 

  • 4. Yizkor Memorial Service

  • On Yom Kippur the Yizkor Memorial  service is recited . The age-old custom of remembering the souls of the departed and contributing to charity in their memory is embedded in the fundamental Jewish belief in the everlastingness of the soul. When we give charity, do good deeds, or say a prayer this indeed can achieve spiritual elevations, and reopen the book of deeds to bring merit and elevation to your loved ones. When done in their honor, God treats our prayer and our charity as if the deceased gave it. Even if you do not plan on attending the service on Yom Kippur you can still give charity in the merit of your loved ones. 

  • Names of Loved Ones for Yizkor

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