What is a
Chabad House?

A Place where…

…all Jews are family and are always welcome
…people of all ages come to learn and experience the warmth of their Jewish heritage
…you can pray, study and grow on your own level regardless of affiliation, background or level of observance.
…you are accepted for who you are
…we celebrate the love and joy of Judaism.
…people care, smile, and live life to the fullest.

An affiliate of the international Chabad-Lubavitch movement

The need for a new home

For over six years Chabad’s modest home has been a place of family, friendship, and community for the hundred’s who have entered through its doors. Today our location is too small to accommodate the growing needs of the Jewish community. With tight space and a limited facility, the urgent need has emerged for more spacious and conducive quarters to serve as the central hub of Chabad’s activities in the region. For two years Chabad has been searching for a suitable home to accommodate these growing needs. Finally, a beautiful property has become available. The property and location will prove its ability to serve as a new and beautiful hub for the communities in the area. The fulfillment of this dream depends on people of initiative and compassion, of vision and generosity.