Matzah and Wine


Passover Holiday Calendar 5779/2019

Join us for a warm, interactive Community Passover Seder!

Enjoy the holiday of freedom at an inspirational Seder, complete with a gourmet Passover dinner, the original hand-made Shmurah Matzah, and four cups of exquisite Kosher wine. Journey with us through the Haggadah, and the story of our people with traditional songs, stories, and spiritual insights.

Our Seder is English friendly with Hebrew/English Hagaddas so everyone will feel welcome.


All Holiday Seders and Synagogue Services will take place at
The Chabad House - Center for Jewish Life and Learning
13030 County Road 103 Oxford, FL 34484

(One mile north of Walmart on 466 and one mile east of SR 301& CR 104)

First Seder
Friday, April 19, 2019 7:30pm

Second Seder
Saturday, April 20, 2019 9:00pm

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Synagogue Holiday Services

Thursday, April 18
Formal search for Chametz after nightfall

Friday, April 19, Fast of the First Born
Finish Eating Chametz before 11:16 am  
Burn Chametz before 12:22 pm  
7:30 pm 1st Seder Night 
 Community Seder Click here to reserve

7:39 pm Light Candles

Shabbat (Saturday), April 20 - 1st Day of Passover
Holiday and Shabbat Morning Services  followed by a Kosher for Passover Kiddush
8:00 pm  2nd Seder night  
Second Seder click here to reserve 

Light Candles after 8:34 pm 

Sunday, April 21 - 2nd Day of Passover
11:00am Holiday Morning Services - Followed by a Kosher for Passover Kiddush
8:34 pm First Holiday Ends

Monday, April 22  
Begin Intermediate days of Passover


  Seder Scene

Last Days of Passover:

Thursday, April 25th   
Light Candles at 7:43pm
Holiday Evening Services - 8:30pm

Friday, April 26th -  7th Day of Passover 
10:00am Holiday Morning Services followed by a kosher for Passover kiddush 
Light candles at 7:44pm

Shabbat Saturday, April 27th - 8th Day of Passover  
10:00 am Morning Services
11:30 am Yizkor Memorial Service
6:15 pm Evening Services
7:00 pm Feast of redemption. Join us for a celebration at the conclusion of The Passover Holiday to usher in the final redemption. Complete with Matza and four cups of wine as instituted by our Chassidic masters. You are surely to be inspired at this uplifting event with melodies that will touch your soul and inspiring words and stories. Also known as "Moshiach Meal" or "The Baal Shem Tov's Feast".

8:26 pm Holiday Ends

Join us free of charge -please let us know if your coming email or call 352-330-4466

Cup of Wine